"Then Jesus came to them and said, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.'"

Matthew 28:18-20



The Lord of Harvest LA Discipleship Classes are designed to equip and empower every believer to be leaders God has called them to be. Through this process, participants attend sessions that edify their faith in God, enabling them to evangelize and become Christlike in character and values as stated in the Great Commission instructed by Christ (see above).




"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19

This is the beginning of the process in which we share the good news of Jesus with others by (and not limited to):

  • Evangelism

  • Testimony

  • Hangouts

  • Conversations

  • Accountability



"...baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..." Matthew 28:19

Individuals are invited and encouraged to participate in introductory classes that focus on the foundation and doctrine of the Christian faith. Classes and activities include:

  • Pre-Encounter (1-day session)

  • Encounter (2-day session)

  • Baptisms

  • Post-Encounter (10-week class)



"...and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Matthew 28:20

Comprising of discipleship and fundamentals, this series focuses on what it takes to be a leader in the church of Christ, in the family, in a cell group, and a leader God has called us to be. This stage is vital because it edifies an individual's knowledge in leadership aspects, that in turn, they may help in leading others to Christ's salvation. Classes and activities include:

  • School of Leaders 1 (10-week class)

  • School of Leaders 2 (10-week class)

  • Building cell groups

  • Re-Encounter (2-day session)

  • School of Leaders 3 (10-week class)



Upon completion of the Discipleship Classes with a cell group established, sending out members of the group in the ministry and aiding in the strengthening of their faith in accountability and guidance has become a pivotal role as a leader. The Lord of Harvest LA pastors will also provide care to ensure spiritual fitness for serving in God’s church.




When is the next Consolidation taking place?

You can contact us here for details on our upcoming discipleship classes.

What is a participant's weekly time commitment?

Every School of Leaders participant will have weekly responsibilities in areas such as:

  • At least an hour of class participation and homework (once a week)

  • Meditation: may include scripture reading, praying, and/or journaling

  • Serving at any Sunday services as needed

  • Cell group involvement


Where will participants meet for classes?

All classes are held on-site at our Center of H.O.P.E. facility.

2707 W Temple St

Los Angeles, CA 90026


If a participant misses a class, will there be make-up classes available?

Participants may be excused two absences. Make-up sessions may be addressed with instructor.


How much does the Discipleship program cost?

Pre-Encounter: free

Encounter: $65.00

Post-Encounter: free

School of Leaders 1 - 3: $14.00


Who is eligible?

Anyone and everyone is welcome! If you:

  • Sense a call to the ministry

  • Affirm the Lord of Harvest LA Statement of Faith

  • Would like to know more about the Christian faith

  • Are looking to strengthen your Christian faith

  • Feel compelled to reach out to others

  • (and) Believe this would benefit you in your service to God



If you believe this program is for you and would love to be a part of our Discipleship Classes, please feel free to visit our Classes page for more information and registration: